Becoming undeniable: How koodos labs created a repeatable GTM for a new product launch and grew 27x

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Jennie SilberFounding Community & UX Research Lead at Koodos Labs
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Inspired by the Internet's original promise of personal empowerment and born out of a passion to help people build and discover their identities online, koodos labs have built a series of apps and tools used by 100,000s.

Their most recent is Shelf: a digital shelf that updates as you watch, read and listen that they hope helps people connect more deeply with themselves and others.

Opportunity: Activate a GTM motion for Shelf with ideal users

It was a priority for the koodos team to be organic in the way they find, engage, and convert users and continue to build on the strong word of mouth around Shelf, after they first announced in at SXSW and got 12k app pre-installs.

Jennie Silber, a member of the founding team and a Community & User Research Lead, wanted to create a simple, repeatable, data-driven growth framework with the most impact, while still being authentic.

Solution: Leverage Notus to be everywhere where their target segments are and find and convert high-intent users

1. Create Lists for each target persona and unlock entire networks:
  • By seeding a List with a handful of ideal customer personas, Jennie mapped out the networks of some of the best-connected users in just minutes
  • Notus autogenerates a pipeline of leads, prioritized by their influence over this segment, so your funnel turns into a hyperscalable flywheel
  • Lists show not just the most impactful people for your target segment, but their relevant content and interactions as well. It was easy for Jennie to engage in conversations that got koodos in front of more high-intent users
  • With Notus Ghostwriter that’s trained to your tone of voice, engaging thoughtfully can be done at scale

“Notus gave us a day-to-day, repeatable playbook to GTM and accelerate growth momentum as we launched Shelf. It recommended ideal people and relevant content to engage with, growing our social capital by 27x and helping us scale organically and with precision.”- Jennie Silber, Founding Community & UX Research Lead at Koodos Labs

2. Notus Dashboard gives you daily reps that don't suck:
  • Launches can quickly fizzle when relationships are not maintained so it's critical to be top of mind and create a self-sustaining process to keep up engagement momentum
  • The Notus dashboard synthesizes the best opportunities to maintain those relationships, re-engaging churning members or nurturing new and leveled up users

Key takeaways

Using Notus, the koodos labs team:
  • Created a data-driven top of funnel and GTM motion by creating multiple personas to be everywhere their target users are and engage in conversations that would put them in front of high-intent users at scale
  • Saved days of research and being online 24/7 through real-time alerts on relevant conversations and people
  • Grew social capital 27x (and counting!) while focusing on the segments that matter the most

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