The AI co-pilot for social & community teams

Effortlessly capture and convert leads, engage with the most impactful content, and nurture valuable relationships

Powering individuals and teams at the fastest-growing companies

    • The Grand

Social as your most powerful leads funnel

Create AI-enabled workflows to add prospects to your pipeline when they discuss the topics you care about.

Cultivate your community

Discover your ideal advocates, at the right time

Have a clear roadmap to community building and build relationships with those who have the attention of any audience.

Leverage the social connections of your community and advocates

Alert on touchpoints that drive community growth

No matter the size of the fandom, community, or topic, Notus will find the members of their network.

Stay ahead of the competition

What people are saying

    • Emily HerreraInvestor at Night Ventures

      not to be dramatic but @getnotus is one of my favorite products ever.

    • Tyler J. CagleMarketing Engineer at Capital

      just saw a live demo of @getnotus & WOW 🤯 such a cool product

    • Nora NooneSocial and Content Manager at The Grand

      Notus has been a game-changer for staying on top of our social game. From helping us grow and learn about our audience to pinging us when relevant topics are mentioned online, it greatly lessens the time I have to spend combing through social. Plus, their AI-powered Content Generation tool makes it super easy to whip up copy for various voices across the team. Highly recommend!

    • Michelle FangHead of Social at Safara

      Biggest value is more visibility into conversations that matter. With Notus, you unlock deeper insights into relationships and context that make your work 100x more impactful.

    • Aakruti DesaiFounder of Puzzl

      With Notus, we can easily build, interact with, and maintain community. This helped us both find and win over high-quality users for Puzzl.

    • Davis McCondichieWriter of Incline AI

      Notus empowers you to foster real relationships as you grow your community — it makes a difference.

    • Zehra NaqviHead of Founder Community at Republic

      Notus is the first thing I check every morning, so I know how to prioritize my day and get highest ROI on social. Alerts keep me in the loop and I know I’m never missing any relevant engagement opportunities or leads. It has TRULY changed the game for me and is far more profound and relevant than any other tool I've used.

    • Jad EsberCo-Founder & CEO at koodos labs

      We love using Notus, and are excited when every company will have a Chief Notus Officer in the not-too-distant future to drive their top of funnel and bottom line growth!

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