Where brands come to become cult brands

Using Notus gets you noticed πŸ‘€

It’s actionable

Understand who and what influences your target audience.

It’s multichannel

Collab with the best podcasts, newsletters, blogs, and creators for any audience.

It’s win-win

Help grow the reach of your most passionate advocates.


❌Ads are out.
βœ…Conversation is in.

Be in the room where it happens. Build 1:1 relationships with your audience and develop an organic spokes-community.


πŸ“£Pump up the hype

Find the right megaphones (and microphones)β€”and reach the people who’ll become your brand’s rocket fuel.



Know who to target, what matters to them, and how to engage them effectively.


πŸ’°Make dollars
πŸ’‘& sense of it all

Distill and interpret the social touchpoints customers had with your brand prior to conversion.